Is Your Cleveland Rental Lead Safe?

Full service lead clearance management for full confidence.

Lead is evil, it's everywhere, and it has real world consequences.

With Cleveland Clearance Prep, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve beat Lead at it’s own game.

Was your Cleveland rental built before 1978?

To keep your rental registration you need a lead clearance test every 2 years. Test with confidence knowing you’ve found the best lead clearance team in Cleveland.

Let’s do this once!

Our process provides the best chance to pass your lead clearance test each time, every time.


Coordinating between our trusted vendors, we clean and review your property, bring our lead Technicians in to test, submit certification documents, and apply for every grant available.


Targeted cleaning on the sources of lead contamination.


Vetted, reliable and licensed testing.


Test results and paperwork management.


Grant application and refund collection.

Quick. Smart. Simple.

Uncomplicate your lead compliance process.

Rely on us to take care of everything while supporting you through every step of the way. Reach out for a no obligation quote.

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